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Wellcome to Artsky

ArtSky is Utility token for used in Arts Ecosystem such as NFT marketplace, DeFI, GameFi and D-Metaverse using Binance Smart Chain Blockchain
Art is a wide range of human activities (or the products thereof) that involve creative imagination and an aim to express technical proficiency, beauty, emotional power, or conceptual ideas. The three classical branches of visual art are painting, sculpture, and architecture.
Many great traditions in art have a foundation in the art of one of the great ancient civilizations: Ancient Egypt, Mesopotamia, Persia, India, China, Ancient Greece, Rome, as well as Inca, Maya, and Olmec. Each of these centers of early civilization developed a unique and characteristic style in its art.
However, in today's digital era, the world of art is expanding along with the development of current human resource talent. Art has expanded into the world of Games, Metaverse and Financial.
What we are trying to develop ?
NFT Marketplace
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